We’re passionate about cleaning streams and rivers within the Appalachian Region. Individual InnoH2O Water Treatment Systems process raw polluted ground water up to 100 gallons per minute and use advanced membrane filtration to de-limit the transfer of dissolved metals & salts to the effluent water stream. Our groundbreaking process is chemical-free and targets acid waste water steams with elevated (tds) and low ph. the concentrate (brine) is returned to the discharge source point for dilution and reprocessing, while the filtrate/produced water is ph-adjusted before being discharged to the watershed.

Deploying our systems will help to eliminate the use of caustic soda and/or lime addition for the treatment of acid mine drainage.  Our chemical-free, fully-automatic systems recover 99%+ of “raw” acid mine drainage as purified water and our effluent easily meets the NPDES permitted values on Fe, Al and Mn.

Check out the brochure below and see the results for yourself.

InnoH2O Remote Discharge Monitoring | Real-Time Water Analytics Shared on an Open Platform.

There are literally tens of thousands of acid mine drainage sites throughout Appalachia, most of these will flow forever and are abandoned. If we’re going to truly solve this crisis we must get smarter…which means, we need better data.

We need LIVE DATA, in real-time, that can analyze weather patterns, upstream and downstream levels, and systems that make intelligent decisions about proper treatment of high-toxicity outfalls. The Remote Discharge Monitor is the solution, and it will finally bridge the gap between meeting NPDES Permits and genuinely repairing our beautiful watersheds.