The “New” Green Laundry – The InnoH2O Solution!

If you are a laundromat owner, you know that water is one of the biggest operational costs – along with electric and/or gas. What if there were an option to reduce some of that cost? What if you knew that there were incentives to purchasing capital equipment, in 2018 and beyond, with the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017? If you want to know more, read on – there are some things that you really ought to know about the “New” Green Laundry!

Water – humans need it for everything! But as a laundromat owner, you really need it – it is how you make the revenue from your laundromat. Water is as vital of a component to your business as the washing machines, dryers, building, electricity, natural gas, marketing and your location – without it, you would pretty much have to shut the doors and call it a day! So, you NEED it – but it costs a lot of money, right? Well, it depends on where you are in the continental US.  It could cost as low as $3 for a thousand gallons or it could cost as high as $10 for a thousand gallons – those are pretty different numbers! But you also have to remember that it isn’t just the cost of the water – it is also the cost of the sewer that adds up to the “total” cost of water. Again, depending on where you are at it can be relatively cheap or, at the top end of the scale, it could cost you upwards of $20 per thousand gallons! So, as you can see, it really just depends on your geographic location as to what the cost of water is. We could go on for days about the cost of water – and how it always seems to be going up – but what if you could protect yourself from the cost of water by some other means?

Water reuse is nothing new – humans have been doing it from the dawn of civilization. For that matter, nature does it all the time. Where do you think all that waste water goes? I can tell you – back to a watershed for use as drinking water at the next town down the river! There are certain locations in the Ohio River valley that count 80% of their drinking water supply as effluent discharge from somewhere further up the valley! It may sound “icky”, but it isn’t – drinking water purification technology is really good and supplies are well monitored and regulated and the biggest thing of all, the water is disinfected so that it doesn’t make us sick. You can go pretty much anywhere in the United States and have good drinking water – and a lot of it was waste water before it was drinking water! That is water reuse on a grand scale – but what about at YOUR laundromat or hotel or prison or hospital? You don’t reuse water – it comes in through the meter as drinking water, goes to the washing machines, gets a bunch of chemicals like detergents and fabric softeners added to it, washes the clothes, and then goes down the drain and somebody else deals with it – and you pay for every step of it. What if you could reuse your own water right inside your building and only have to pay for a quarter of the water that you do today? That is where “New” Green Laundry comes in!

Laundry water reuse is the taking of the drain water from the washing machine, filtering and disinfecting it and then providing it back to the washing machine for reuse. It can be called by many terms – reuse, recycling, recovery – but they all mean the same thing, reusing the laundry waste water for a beneficial purpose! There are even different levels of reuse out there – primary, secondary, tertiary and advanced processes. Typically, though, tertiary filtration provides sufficient water quality and laundered goods quality for the laundry operator and the laundry consumer. In the case of InnoH2O’s laundry water reuse (LWRS) product, this means primary particulate filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and then disinfection to ensure water safety for all involved – both the operator and the consumer. This process meets all of California’s rules and regulations for laundry water reuse which are the strictest in the nation. Some states, like California, even require monitoring after installation to ensure water quality – sort of like the drinking water system, but on a reduced scale. But this type of reuse is highly effective – you can typically save 75% of your current water consumption by installing a system like the InnoH2O LWRS. That can be a pretty significant cost savings for a laundromat operator, as shown in the graphic below:  


So, I know what you are saying – everybody wants to save $14,000 a year on water – but what’s the catch? Well, the catch is that you have to have a laundry water recycling system, like InnoH2O’s LWRS. Well, how much is that going to cost me? The answer to that is – it depends! There are a lot of factors to look at, but let’s use the above as an example. Essentially, we have a laundromat that consumes 100,000 gallons per month, or about 3,300 gallons per day, every day of the year, at a total cost of $16 per 1,000 gallons. The InnoH2O LWRS system to handle that flow rate would provide the owner a break-even in about 7 years – not bad and under the life of the equipment by 3 years! If your water costs more, then it’s a quicker break-even; if it costs less, then the break-even is longer. 

But if you remember at the beginning, I had mentioned that the new tax code helps businesses incentivize capital purchases – that is through what is called Section 179 of the tax code. You can search it on the internet or check out for more details, but essentially it is tax code that allows you, the small business owner, to pull-up depreciation for equipment into the current tax year and expense it. The beauty of it is that you can do this whether you buy, lease or finance the equipment – as long as it is “New” to you. The limits for Section 179 were increased by the new tax code and allows for small businesses to maximize their benefit from the deduction! Believe me, I am not an accountant, so you don’t have to believe me, ask your own accountant and take a look online – this stuff is real and can be very beneficial to you!

InnoH2O offers its customers any transaction option to facilitate installing LWRS equipment – from outright purchase, to innovative leasing arrangements, to financing options that best suit your cash flow and business model. Check out our website at For financing and lease options, check out – our services wing – to learn more. All inquiries into InnoH2O LWRS technology will be afforded our standard level of service which includes: a consultation, water recovery analysis, and investigation into your state’s/municipality’s codes on water reuse – all for no charge. Contact us today for yours!    

InnoH2O is a full-service provider of OEM water purification and reuse systems specializing in laundry water reuse. Our services wing, InnoRate, is an innovative provider of leasing/financing for LWRS customers. Contact us today at: info@innoh2osolutions.comor 814-445-4491. Thanks for reading!

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