Unrivaled solutions built for the world's most complex water problems.

acid mine drainage treatment systems

Nobody treats acid mine drainage as well as we do - period. Our treatment systems adapt to any situation and can be deployed as a permanent or temporary solution.

We are transforming water treatment throughout the global mining industry with our fully-autonomous and chemical-free design. Real-time water monitoring and in-depth data analytics put our systems in a league of their own. InnoH2O Solution’s AMD Treatment Systems cost just a fraction of traditional active/passive treatment solutions and yet we deliver substantially better results.


Distributed Graywater Reuse

We’re working with our exclusive partners in Mexico City to conserve water at laundromats throughout the metropolitan area. Our laundry water reuse systems (LWRS) reuse 70-90% of the water, ultimately saving millions of gallons of water at each site, every year.  

Let InnoH2O evaluate your water reuse opportunities today.  Our systems are fully automatic, use very little electricity, and fit all budgets big and small.



Large-scale projects often require water savings measures to be incorporated into water savings performance contract (WSPC's). 

Measures may include, but not limited to, water-saving fixtures, water meter replacement, water conservation efforts, rain and storm water harvesting, municipal-scale water recycling technologies, decentralized/distributed water reuse technologies, and aquifer recharge..